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AI Search

AI search is what you experience at Google every day. An AI search engine is beyond traditional keyword searches. It can understand the intent of your query, even if it's in natural language, e.g. "how to cook pasta?", and directly finds a precise answer that solves your problem. It also automatically finds related information and presents them in a compact information card.

Who needs it?

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 Knowledge base


Media asset management


Enterprise search


Academic paper search

AI search is hard

No solution

Existing commoditized search engines, e.g. Elastic, only support traditional TF-IDF/BM25. Adding Google-level AI capability to search engine is an extremely challenging task for most of the business and sometimes impossible

Cluttered System

Developing AI capabilities to search systems leads to integrate a dozen different machine learning libraries, open-source code, and various databases. It is challenging to maintain and ensure performance.


Hiring a team of top-level AI/NLP experts is expensive. Collecting training data, training large machine learning models, and deploying them into production make these projects not only costly but also tedious. 

SocoDB makes it easy

Elegant Solution.

SocoDB is built-in with cutting-edge AI capabilities created by first-class AI experts. It provides an extremely simple way for any developers to add AI search to their applications via simple API queries.

Single, Unified System

SocoDB provides a one-stop solution that integrates all the required components in an efficient and scalable way. The application layer can easily obtain the data it needs via Soco query without worrying about the underlying architecture.


SocoDB comes with pre-trained multilingual models trained on billions of data. You can begin using the system in hours instead of months of development. Also, we offer services where you can get suggestions from top AI experts.

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