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Knowledge Source for Chatbot

Conversational interface is revolutionizing customer engagement. An essential component for any task-oriented chatbot is its knowledge base. SocoDb provides an elegant solution to integrate unstructured knowledge sources with task-oriented chatbots, enabling easily synchronization between the chatbot with the latest version of the knowledge.

Who needs it?


Customer-support chatbot


Customer-support chatbot

via messaging/voice

Chatbots is hard

High Barrier

Most of the chatbot solutions require the users to provide a large set of FAQ pairs. Collecting FAQs is an expensive process that involves multiple departments and no one is willing to do it.

Expensive Maintenance

Enterprise knowledge is always evolving. Synchronizing the latest knowledge with the collected FAQs is very tedious and sometimes impossible to achieve in practise.

Low Recall

 “Sorry, I don’t have an answer for that” is a big turn off for any customer talking to a bot. Existing chatbots suffer from low recall since its knowledge is limited by a small list of FAQs.

SocoDB makes it easy

Zero Effort

SocoDB provides a perfect knowledge source by simply reading existing documentations, policies and etc. There is no effort needed to manually distill FAQs from them.  

Easy Maintenance:

Sync up your bot’s knowledge with the team's knowledge is also easy with SocoDB. Simply replace outdated documents with new ones and that’s all you need to do to keep your chatbot up to date.

High & Safe Recall

SocoDB can find answers from every document it digests, provides answers to a wide range of questions as long as there is an answer. Their answer is also safe since it always comes from your own writing.

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