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Information Extraction from Text

Are you dealing with a stream of text data, e.g. news articles, emails, etc and want to extract structured information from them (e.g. subject, time, event, etc). Using Soco Query to dynamically define the extraction templates, and let SocoDD do the job for you in the background. Distilling knowledge from unstructured text has never been easier.

Who needs it?


Mobile apps 




Media management 


Financial service

Information extraction is hard

No solution

Extracting information from natural language text is very challenging. Unless with a team of NLP experts, it’s impossible for many app developers to include reliable information extraction systems in their applications.


Traditional information extraction systems only support a small set of relationships and patterns. These systems fall short when the domain expands or new business logic is applied.


it’s expensive to create customized extraction systems even with open-source libraries. Data collection, model training are hidden costs that make projects costly.

SocoDB makes it easy

Elegant Solution

SocoDB provides a solution to utilize information extraction for your applications at scale. No matter if it is 10,000 news articles or 1 million emails, SocoDB extractors enable you to serve complex information via an elegant and organized view.


SocoDB enables one to define customized extractor via natural language with limitless possibilities. This enables you to extract any information from any data sources. The only limit is your imagination.


SocoDB provides a one-stop solution to accomplish all the extraction requirements powered by the state-of-the-art NLP models. It’s efficient and low cost.

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