AI Database for Natural Language


Beyond storing the data, SocoDB reads and reasons about the text, and then extracts structured knowledge via natural language understanding models.


SocoDB makes it extremely easy to develop world-class NLP-powered applications and trusted by the most innovative developers.


Google-level search for your teams’ documents.

How does it work?

SocoDB uses your text data directly as a virtual knowledge base and enables you to query unstructured text as if they are structured.

1. Save your text data

3 Embed & structure

2. Break it down

4. Ensemble & link

5. Query your text like a structured DB

Key Features

AI search and question answering

Info-rich & precise answers in response to natural language queries.

Automatic document tagging

Automatic development of tags based on document content.

Information extraction

Extract structured main topics, entities, events, and their relationships from the text.


We make it easy for you to run Soco on public cloud, private cloud, or somewhere in between.

Full-stack multi-lingual deep learning NLP models

SocoDB is built-in with state-of-the-art deep learning models for natural language processing

Ease of Use

SocoDB provides easy-to-use SDKs in Python, RESTful API as well as other Java, C++, Go+ (coming soon)

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