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Beyond storing the data, SocoDB reads and reasons about the text, and enables you to query the unstructured text as if they were structured data.


SocoDB makes it extremely easy to develop performant NLP-powered applications and trusted by the most innovative developers.

AI Database for Natural Language


More than just data storage, SocoDB reads the meaning of data.

Break it down

Group 4.png

SocoDB first splits the text into a collection of spans: from sentences to entities.

Embed & structure

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Each span is then annotated with neural embeddings and structured predictions.

Ensemble & link

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Lastly, SocoDB creates an ensemble version of the data by discovering complex relations. 

Query unstructured text as if they were structured

See Results


    query:  What countries does X credit card

             offer coupon for?,

    filters: {"creation_time": {"gte": "2019-03-05"}},
    answer_type: "phrase"

    results: [{

       "answer": "North America, Japan, and South Korea",

       "context": "CTrip holders have $200 coupon when 

                     using the card at North America, Japan, and South Korea",

       "src_doc": "2019-CTrip-Policy.docx"


Retrieve information at any level of granularity with natural language

  • State-of-the-art open-domain question answering

  • A flexible DSL that supports both natural language and structured filters.

  • Pretrained deep-learning models that work out-of-box.

  • A real-time inference that scales to millions of documents.

Extract structured Information from the unstructured text

  • Limitless extraction via natural language-based extractors

  • Blazing fast extraction speed and human-level accuracy

  • The easiest way to convert from text data to structured tables

     extract:  {

         "subject": "Bakery Square Apartment",

         "extractors": {

             "avg_rate": "What's monthly rate for {subj} 2B2B?", 

             "neighbor": "What's near {subj}?" 


See Results

    results: {

        "avg_rate": [{

           "answer": "$2400/month",

           "src_doc": "",


       "neighbor": [{

           "answer": "Google, UPMC, Anthropologie, LA Fitness",

           "src_doc": "bakery-square.html",


      volume:  {

         "query": “what do people like about restaurant X?”,

         "size": 2



See Results

    results: [{

        "answer":  "The service is really nice",

        "hit_count": 4535,

        "total_count": 14523,

        "proportion": 0.312 



        "answer":  "sashimi is fresh",

        "hit_count": 2342,

        "total_count": 14523,

        "proportion": 0.161


Find accurate statics of unstructured opinions with a simple query

  • Discover the most salient voices from user-generated data

  • Fine-grained opinion discovery via free-formed questions

  • Accurately estimate the volume of each major opinions

  • Machine reading intelligence that understands natural language variations.

Use Cases


Text Analytics

Derive business insights from millions of customer reviews and blog posts via interactive queries.


Intelligent AI Search

Add Google-level smart search experience to your text data applications or websites.



Provides an elegant solution to integrate unstructured knowledge sources with task-oriented chatbots,

Key Features

noun_artifical intelligence_2277718

AI search and question answering

The state-of-the-art neural information retrieval engine that enables real-time natural language question answering.

Frame 1.png

Semantic Aggregation

Real-time text analytics to analyze millions of words and discover valuable insights at scale.

noun_Cloud_2157495 1.png


We make it easy for you to run SocoDB on public cloud, private cloud, or somewhere in between.

noun_Document tag_1512934 1.png

Auto Structuralization

Extract structured information from millions of unstructured documents into any format that you specified. 

noun_Full stack_2230389 1.png

Deep Learning-Native

SocoDB is built-in with state-of-the-art deep learning models for natural language processing.

noun_easy_2036017 1.png

Ease of Use

SocoDB provides easy-to-use SDKs in Python, RESTful API as well as other Java, C++, Go+ (coming soon)

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